22.09.21 – COmputing

Today, Year 3 continued to develop their coding skills using Scratch. With the help of Richard Smith from Amazing ICT, they learnt to duplicate and edit sprites. The edited sprites were then used to program a sequence. You can view and interact with the created program using this link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/573520282/editor/ Have fun!

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ICT – 15.09.21

Year 3 continued to work with Mr. Smith from Amazing ICT to develop their algorithms on Scratch. In this session, they learnt about variables and included them in the code. A variable is an aspect of the code that the program needs to remember might change.

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Coding with amazing ICT!

Today, Year 3 worked with Mr. Smith from Amazing ICT. They worked on Scratch! https://scratch.mit.edu/ They learnt that Scratch has objects called sprites and backdrops, and that these objects have attributes. Moreover, they found out that commands in Scratch are called blocks. The blocks were used to create an algorithm, which programmed a sprite to […]

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Year 3 Sports Day!

Well done to all the children who took part in today’s Year 3 sports day! All children took part in 4 races each, and 4 field events (long jump, javelin, shot put, and chest push!). You should all be so proud of your fantastic efforts today! Here are some photos from today’s event!

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Year 3 – information

Dear parents and carers, The children are really enjoying all their learning about South Asian Heritage Month and Bangladesh! Next week we will be continuing to learn about Bangladesh and other countries in South Asia. Next week, we will also be sending exercise books home. This year the children have a lot of books, so […]

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